The Call

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There are thousands of desires, striving inside my heart just to come out.
will i be ever able of fulfill them,or they will be trimmed down like a rotten stem.

it is like a quest of getting recognized in a crowd,
by something on which everyone can proud.
to raise the bar I am giving every possible shot to keep my thumbs up
but as soon as i see around there already millions of hands are up.

as they are saying you are not the only one here who meant to,
there thousands had gone and millions will go through.
if you want to rise, then stand against the storm, accept it with your whole heart,
whether it is giving you a smile or a frown.

many times you will be down on your knees while running in this race.
it will be hard to get back on your feet, and to lift up your face,
but midst of all this just think about the goal that you need to chase,
and just keep giving your best shot until you are blue in your face.

who told you that it would be a joy ride in the battlefield,
bruises you get are the minimum, but many does also get killed.
so just be the blind eye towards these scratches and again grab up your shield,
show the whole world that is out there, that your metal is real not that reeled.

in the end it is all up to you how you want to carry on along with your ride,
let the path be narrow, because you are here to make it wide
so do not be ever scared of the dark , because there is always another side,
and do not forget that in the full moon even shores face high tides.

so do not ever let these things decide your victory,
remember that your are the man and it is you who can make the history.

so let the battle be vigor,and let them put your whole world on fire,
so that later you can tell them, your not among the one who had tried prior,

learn to accept the things and skills to route them,
let your desires live, do not ever just trim them,

in this long journey sometimes you will fly and sometimes will face the fall, but
to quit or to continue is completely your call.


Leaving everything behind i hav move ahead,
without knowing the things i hav to face,
whether it’ll be sun or d shade

SO hard to be normal in ds freaking world,
expecting happiness is as same as scanning the ocean for the perl,
relations are like chain tied to our soul,
in finding fake happiness we all hav fuckd ourself on a whole.

on the track of life we have set our goals,but
in this race only our near ones make us crawl,

it’s very easy 2 gv n excuse, but
truth is like a bomb dat no one can diffuse,
one day the bomb will explode,
at that tym evry one will shed their work load.

in the end u have to ansr every question,
that tym no one can prove their possession,

oh man..!! dont think of urself so high,
one or anothr day u will hav to die,
wat’l ul do when, death will come,
dat tym u’ll be fuckd by ur sins, and
they wont let u run.

so it’s better to go slow,
know the reality nd keep ur attitude low,

don’t try to fly so high, that u cant evn stand,
once u miss ur shot nd u’ll fall with a bang,
then only the loneliness u’ll find,
something will pinching ur mind,
but your attitude will never let u know, that

these are those thing that u have left behind….

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The Real Bliss

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Every road is not as smooth as it looks
seems to be straight but actually its crooked
so many turns and bumps all the way long
it doesn’t cater the weak or abandon the strong

filled with hope at the beginning of the journey
will go all the way unaffected by the turnings
but there are many things that cant be left behind
have to take every turn whether it’s clear or blind,

no matter how much u have traveled or how much left
all that matters is how much patience till now u hav kept
no one gonna c how much u hav bleed, how much u’ve tried
not a single hand to hold when ur throat is dried

everyone is his own companion, his own troop
to hold himself straight to bear his poop
rest all are here with knife dipped in poison
taking every possible shot to make your metal victim of corrosion

now it’s the hy tym when u need to make ur call
u gonna straighten up or gonna accept the fall
u r asset to the world till u hold ur stand
break the one who bends, this is the new trend

so either leave the journey, or load ur round
ignore every scratch, turn blind eye to every wound
life is just a game called circle, where wat comes in is wat goes around

so dnt be a baby of hammock, man up nd raise ur fist
complete the journey on the the road of life, where grief is the award
and ignorance is the bliss…